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Squire BooneAge: 68 years16961765

Squire Boone
Given names
Birth November 25, 1696
MarriageSarah MorganView this family
July 23, 1720 (Age 23 years)
Birth of a child
Daniel Boone
November 2, 1734 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a daughter
Hannah Boone Pennington
August 24, 1746 (Age 49 years)
Death January 2, 1765 (Age 68 years)
Family with Sarah Morgan - View this family
Squire Boone.jpegSquire Boone
Birth: November 25, 1696Bradninch, Exeter, Devonshire, England
Death: January 2, 1765Salisbury, Rowan Co., North Carolina
Marriage: July 23, 1720Gwynned Meeting of Quakers, Berks Co, Pennsylvania
14 years
Unfinished_portrait_of_Daniel_Boone_by_Chester_Harding_1820.jpgDaniel Boone
Birth: November 2, 1734 37 33Exeter Twp, Berks Co., PA
Death: September 26, 1820St. Charles, Missouri
12 years

Squire Boone was born in Bradninch, Exeter, Devonshire, England to George Boone III & Mary Milton Maugridge; he had the following siblings: George Boone IV, Sarah Boone Stover, Mary Boone b. in 1694 d. 1696; Mary Boone b. 1699 d. 1744, John Boone, Joseph Boone, Benjamin Boone, James Boone, & Samuel Boone. Some years later the family moved to Exeter, Berks County, PA. Squire married Sarah Morgan 23 July 1720 at the Gwynned Meeting of Quakers, Berks Co, Pennsylvania. Squire died 2 January 1765 and Sarah died 1777; both buried at Mocksville, North Carolina. [Gwynedd Meeting (the location of Squire's wedding) is located in what is now Montgomery County PA. It was Philadelphia County at the time of the wedding.] They had the following children: Sarah, Israel Boone (buried at Joppa Cem.), Samuel, Jonathan, Elizabeth Boone Grant, Daniel Boone (famous pioneer), Mary Boone Bryan, George W., Edward, Nathaniel, Squire Boone Jr., and Hannah Boone Stewart Pennington. Squire had accompanied his brother George, and his sister, Sarah, to America ahead of their parents.
Squire Boone was born 25 Nov 1696 in Exeter, Devon, England. It is believed that he was the son of George Boone III and Mary Milton Maugridge. It is not known when he immigrated to the United States, but probably when he was still a child. He settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania, most likely with his parents and siblings. He married Sarah Morgan in 1720 when Squire was 24 and Sarah was 20. Sarah had been born on 23 November 1700 in Exeter, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Squire and Sarah had several children, including the famous Daniel Boone; however, it is their son, Israel, who is connected to Elizabeth. In April of 1750, Squire and Sarah sold their land in Berks County and chose to leave the area — no doubt partly as a result of the controversy already mentioned. They went first to Linville Creek, six miles north of Harrisonburg, Virginia, where they stayed for at least a year. By late autumn of 1751, Squire Boone and his family reached the Yadkin Valley in North Carolina; this area became a part of Rowan County. Squire chose a hill overlooking the Yadkin River for the site of his family’s home and named it Boone’s Ford. At the first County Court held in Salisbury in June, 1753, Squire is listed as one of the fourteen justices. Later, Squire acquired land on the western side of the Yadkin River — a grant for 640 acres on Bear Creek — from the Earl of Granville. The children of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan were: Sarah>(1724-1815), married in Pennsylvania to John Wilcockson, a non-Quaker. Lived in North Caroline and then moved to Kentucky. Israel (1726-1756) [See Israel Boone and Martha below.] Samuel (1728-1816?), went to Kentucky, probably in 1779. Jonathan (1730-1808?), married Mary Carter and went to Kentucky around 1779. Elizabeth (1732-1825), married William Grant about 1750; also moved to Kentucky. Daniel (1734-1820), married Rebecca Bryan. The family settled in Kentucky in October 1779. Mary (1736-1819), married William Bryan and moved to Kentucky. George (1739-1820), married Ann Linville and moved to Kentucky. Edward (1740-1780), married Martha Bryan and moved to Wilkes County. Squire, Jr. (1744-1815), married Jane Van Cleave and moved to Kentucky. Hannah (1746-1828), married John Stewart and then a man named Richard. Although many of their children moved on to Kentucky, Squire and Sarah remained in North Carolina. Squire died before Sarah, on the second of January 1765, at the age of 69 years in Rowan, North Carolina. She lived as a widow for 11 years, passing away 1 January 1777 in Mocksville, Rowan County, North Carolina, at the age of 77. Israel Boone (1726-1756) and Martha Ann (1726-1755) Israel Boone was born 25 May 1726 in Exeter, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Martha's surname is likely to have been Maugridge, but this has not been verified. She was born in 1726. They married on December 31, 1747 in Berks, Pennsylvania. There is also a long-standing family rumour that Israel married a Native American woman, probably from the Seneca tribe. Martha Ann may have been a name they gave her as a way to be accepted in the white man's world. It is certain, however, that she was probably not a Quaker (see information above). Indeed, there are minutes of a Quaker meeting which state that Israel has married a non-Quaker and this could have dire consequences. Israel rejects their advice. A number of sources indicate that Israel and his wife had only four children (two boys and two girls). But other sources will list up to eight children. These four are most likely the four children they had: Jesse b. 1748 d. 1830 Jonathan b. 1750 d. 1826 Nancy b. 1750 Elizabeth b. 1752 d. 1817 Some sources indicate that Martha died in 1755 and Israel died 26 June 1756 in Rowan, North Carolina, at the age of 30. Apparently, they both died of tuberculosis. It is said that their four children were raised by family and, some sources suggest, that that “family” was Daniel Boone, their uncle. [This page researched and written by Susan Overturf Ingraham, a descendant of the Boones through John Power and Elizabeth Boone. Last Updated February 14, 2016.]
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